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One Star Trek ship comes in either side of the screen, they have a bit of a phaser fight, one blows up, the other carries on and goes out the other side of the screen, repeat ad-infinitum.There are nine ships available but, here is the best bit, you can add your own if you just have one bitmap of a ship!

It is now on version 2 which has a space background with configurable planets, a few sounds, a help file, and some other stuff. If you have the first version then it is probably best to uninstall that one first, you can still save any ships you made and use them in this version.

Phaser fight Exploding On your desktop

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Minimum Requirements

Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, High Colour (16 bit), 800x600 resolution, 32MB RAM


Ian's Star Trek Screen Saver (1.6MB)


If you have any questions, comments, bugs, or suggestions for future versions please email me at ian@idunn.f9.co.uk

Other Stuff

I also have a web page called Ian's Pissed Off Page which contains a list of things that annoy me. It's just meant to be a bit of a laugh. But be warned it does contain swearing, so do not go there if you are easily offended.

One other thing I would like to mention is that to make the installer for this screensaver I used the excellent Inno Setup. This is a completely free Windows installer maker. I would advise anyone that wants to make an installer for their programs to check it out.

Star Trek and related marks are Registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved. This screen saver was not endorsed by Paramount Pictures in any way. Paramount Pictures are therefore not responsible for any consequences that come from installing this screen saver.

by Ian Dunn - Last updated Monday 08 March 2004 23:24